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Iron ore processing line
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◇ Iron ore processing line   Introduction:

Iron Ore Beneficiation Introduce

Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers. Natural minerals (iron ore) after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, elected gradually re-election of iron and other procedures. Beneficiation process should be as efficient and as simple as grasping the development of energy-saving equipment, to the extent possible in the most appropriate process to achieve the best effects, to a large extent determines the economic benefits of mineral processing plant.

Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant

iron ore beneficiation plant

Iron ore crusher and iron ore grinding machine is the first step in iron ore beneficiation plant. Ore crushed through the thick, the block is no more than 1m, and then through the medium and fine crushing and screening ore particle size less than 12mm into the final product sent to the grinding grooves.

Followed by the sorting techniques: magnetite beneficiation. As the ore magnetic and strong, good selection good grinding, magnetic separation plant are used stage grinding and multi-stage grinding process, the coarse-grained disseminated magnetite by the former (a mill Mine), fine-grained, micro-fine disseminated magnetite with the latter (Sec or three grinding). beneficiation technology for magnetic roasting, wet high intensity magnetic separation, the weak magnetic processes such as flotation and re-election , Equipment and new varieties of pharmaceutical research continue to improve, so that the concentrate grade, metal recovery continues to increase.

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